I first got into photography at 17 as a way to express myself and my views because I couldn’t always find the words to do so. It was in the dark room at college where I really fell in love with photography as I made documentary work and captured people from different walks of life.

Whilst studying at university blogging became like a ritual to, after appearing on Tumblr’s homepage and my blog blowing up overnight I gained a lot of interest which I acknowledge as giving me my break at London Fashion Week, and then later in advertising where at 20 I had my first client shoot for Kopparberg and then shortly National Trust.

From a young age travel was instilled into me by my Dad and in Summer 2015 I chose to leave London and spend time in Europe and Canada inbetween short term and freelance work before my curiosity finally took over in late 2016 when I left for Asia.

The next year and half was spent in Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and The Philippines working with travel companies as I continued to make my own content along the way.

I finally returning to my home in North England in Spring 2018. As I’ve spent the past few years constantly changing my environment living out of a bag of clothes and my cameras I still don’t consider anywhere to be my fixed location.

One thing that has always remained the same over time is my love for storytelling, whether this be mine, on behalf of someone else or a brands waiting to be told.


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